Organizations and Groups

Soul SafetyTM for Spiritual Leadership

We realize at Soul Safety that, as we serve hope to the disheartened, sometimes the disheartened are the ones in charge.

We provide confidential:

  • consultation regarding personal or organizational issues
  • in-depth, insightful psychological assessment
  • recommendations & coordination of care in cases of clinical need
  • educational resources
  • informative presentations for staff or organization members
  • individual, family, or group sessions
  • connection to other Soul Safety organizations

Additionally, The Soul Safety Institute for the Psychological Well-Being of Spiritual Leadership is a voluntary accreditation structure. The Institute accredits individuals (pastors, elders, deacons, lay leaders, etc.) and organizations (churches, parachurch ministries, missions outreaches, support staff, etc.) serving the Body of Christ.

We gladly customize our services to accommodate your personal, family and organizational needs.

Soul SafetyTM for Organization Members

Soul Safety offers assistance to help care for the diverse and sometimes challenging needs of an organization’s members.

The Soul Safety Support & Recovery Groups are a network of customized care for your organization members.

We provide:

  • facilitator training
  • organizational structure & form templates
  • recommendations & coordination of care in cases of clinical need
  • consultation for growth & outreach
  • educational seminars
  • connection to other Soul Safety Support & Recovery Groups

By incorporating the services and insights brought to you through these and other Soul Safety resources, the psychological and emotional well-being of your organization – at all levels – will be stronger, healthier, and better equipped to serve hope to the disheartened.