Soul Safety Institute

The Soul Safety Institute for the Psychological Well-Being of Spiritual Leadership is a voluntary accreditation structure.  The Institute accredits individuals (pastors, elders, deacons, lay leaders, etc.) and organizations (churches, parachurch ministries, missions outreaches, support staff, etc.) serving the Body of Christ.  In order to be accredited by the Institute, the individual or entire organizational leadership, including support staff, must participate in a comprehensive battery of psychological assessments, a clinical interview, continuing education, and regular therapeutic sessions as prescribed, either for addressing any identified issues and/or monitoring of on-going psychological health.   Upon completion of the initial testing and interview, it is certainly the individual’s and/or organization’s option to not participate in the on-going continuing education or therapeutic sessions.  However, such individuals and organizations will not be accredited by the Soul Safety InstituteAccredited organizations may be candidates for hosting Soul Safety Support & Recovery Network Groups.  Such designation will be determined on an individualized basis and is not a guaranteed result of fulfilling the accreditation procedure.

Once accredited, the individuals and organizations assessed will receive a certificate of accreditation and will be listed in the Soul Safety Institute’s public database.  However, all other information gathered will be treated as protected health information (PHI) with appropriate HIPPA confidentiality, as given to every mental health client in the state of Colorado.

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