Maslow’s Interruption

October 9th, 2012 No Comments

Spring flowers show how Maslow's Hierarchy relates to PTSD.Although I can’t remember all of the details surrounding the event, I will never forget the moment that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs suddenly came to life for me.  Perhaps because I grew up singing, “Love is Something You Do” from some “Pass it On” era song collection, I’d developed the perspective that once a person “gets saved,” she will be injected automatically with the ability to love everyone.  Most of my life, that distortion was just never challenged.  I presume that’s because I lived such a happy-go-lucky life most of the time.  Sure, there were “situations” and “problems,” but never anything that forced me to examine that idea tucked neatly away somewhere in the corner of my brain.

But by this day, the happy-go-luckiness had faded away and long ago had been replaced with the ups-and-downs, confusions and frustrations of trying to recover from PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder).  It was a significant setback I had acquired while serving in a rather upside-down church.  To be completely honest with you, this particular day I was trying to figure out what had broken inside me so that, while I used to find it easy – simple even, to love people and believe they loved me, too, now I found it quite a struggle to hold much love for anyone outside my little family.

Then Maslow and his little pyramid interrupted my thoughts and all I could see was the second tier labeled, “Safety.”  The fact that “Love & Belonging” was on the third tier, the one above “Safety,” kind of knocked the wind out of me.  Could it be that I, this supernatural, Holy Spirit connected person, was still very human and had lost my sense of safety, rendering me too psychologically crippled to climb back up Maslow’s ladder to loving and belonging?

And thus, the seed for Soul SafetyTM was tossed upon some pretty rough ground.  Thankfully, seeds are quite resilient, withstanding much mistreatment and intentional ignoring.  They seem to just happily hang out through lots of frigid, blustery nights knowing that one day, a little sun and a few drops of rain will arrive.  So here we areSoul SafetyTM has sprouted to life providing comfort, shelter, provision and, yes, safety, in anticipation of serving hope to the disheartened!

Download this pdf on Maslow’s Hierarchy to find out more.

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